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[edit] Proposed Canon

Raiment is clothing worn by units. It is created by Dollamancy, of the natural variety as well as by Dollamancer spells. A Dollamancer or a Unit with natural Dollamancy, like a Twoll, can design raiment. Every unit is popped with a single outfit of clothing, and must be provided additional raiment if they are to change clothes. Ken, a Dollamancer from the Magic Kingdom was responsible for Maggie's new raiment. It is possible that at least one of the Archons of Gobwin Knob has the ability as they all seem to have at least two raiments each (standard and sleepwear)

Raiment colors are frequently used to identify the units of a side. In the real world, uniforms and livery are generally associated with the heraldry of their ruling lord. In Erfworld, in addition to particular colors of raiment, units also often bear a device representing their Ruler, Chief Warlord, or Caster, depending on the circumstances of their creation. This device is called Livery.

[edit] Raiment District

[edit] Canon

The Raiment District is an area in the Magic Kingdom separated from Portal Park. IPTSF Text 21

[edit] Speculation

Since the Magic Kingdom is organized as a spoke and hub architecture, with each of the spokes separating the various wedges, it is possible that the Raiment District is in one of the wedges devoted to Dollamancy. Each of the wedges seems to have flora which is a particular colour, much like the Land of the Munchkins or the Land of the Quadlings in the Land of Oz. Current speculation is that the grey wedge is for Spookism which is the the class for the Dollamancy discipline. Since Ken is known to be found at times in the Magic Kingdom,First Intermission 25 it is possible he lives in the same wedge, and frequents the Raiment District.

[edit] Known Raiment Designs

  • Jetstone
    • Classic: Gold/Yellow and Brown, w/Radish Livery
    • Ansom's Finest: Silver/White and Brown, w/Radish Livery
    • Dittomancer's Archers: Silver and Gold, w/Radish Livery
    • Princes' Retinue: All Gold, Red Capes, w/Radish Livery
  • Marbits
    • Classic: Green and Light Green
  • Foxmud
    • Classic: Purple and Pink
  • Faq
    • Classic: Green and Dark Green, Eastern Inspired (robes, samurai armor)
    • Jillian's: Cyan and Blue
    • Duncan's: Silver and White
  • Haggar
    • Classic: Silver and Dark Red with gold accents
  • Goodminton
    • Classic: Slate Blue with Brass Buttons
  • Haffaton
    • Classic: Black with White Trim

[edit] Livery

A Livery is a symbol of a particular Commander. When that commander creates units (via spell, such as Uncroaked, or via popping, the commander can choose the desired livery. When units pop at a city, the Ruler chooses the livery. summer-updates-025 External.png These are commonly referred to as crests, and sometimes as emblems.

[edit] Known Liveries

Liveries of Individual Sides
Jetstone crest.jpg Jetstone - the radish, frequently shown with gold wings (possibly when worn by royalty)

Gobwin Knob - Stanley the Tool, conqueror, in front of a star and rays. Designed by Maggie when the Knob was rebuilt.
Faq crest.png Faq - a stylized, flying blue gwiffon or megalogwiff
Transylvito livery.png Transylvito - a bat on a red field
No image yet Haggar - a circular crest featuring a representation of their capital- a tan lighthouse tower and harbor, with the red sun rising over the waves against a yellow sky
No image yet Unaroyal - a black torus with white lettering, on a red and orange field
No image yet Jitterati - a circular green crest, on a white field
Goodminton crest.JPG Goodminton - a shuttlecock with a halo, the background should be slate blue

Liveries of Individual Commanders
Wanda livery.png Wanda Firebaugh - the skull and heroine bud on a black field; Wanda took this livery for all of her decrypted units.
Parson livery.png Parson Gotti - Hamstard affronté, on a white field with two pizza stains

Manpower the Temporary - three concentric red circles on a black field (reminiscent of a target)

Lady Phat-Singh - a red circle with a concentric ring, in the center of a red cross (i.e. crosshairs), on a black field

Archduke Ferdinand - a white outline with an ellipse and circle in the center (reminiscent of a gun target) on a black field
No image yet Sir Leeroy Jenkins - a white outline of a foot with a toe tag on a black field

[edit] Speculation

Extra raiments are carried in the Unit's Inventory.

It's possible that certain raiments gives bonuses to certain stats, which would explain Wanda's constant change in clothing as she dresses for each specific occasion (be it a torturing, a battle, or a seduction). This may have been confirmed by Vinny's explanation of his and Jillian's "Grease" costumes as preparation for dance fighting.

Dollamancer Holly Shortcake wore a disguise; this is likely special raiment she made that had properties similar to a simple veil.

[edit] Real World References

The Jetstone radish may be a reference to Super Mario Bros. 2.

The Haggar Lighthouse is almost certainly a reference to Sammy Hagar's Cabo Wabo Cantina's logo

Transylvito's bat is strikingly similar to the Bacardi logo

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